Shop Ramadan Abayas from Haraer 2023

Ramadan Abayas from Haraer, Women in the Middle East have always struggled to find the perfect abayas that suit their style and pair them with other fashion items. Therefore, Haraer Store started offering a variety of unique abaya designs in an effort to fill this gap.

Haraer store offers the best abayas at affordable prices as well as dresses and niqabs. Haraer is an excellent choice for traditional outfits paired with a modern twist. This store has established itself as a top clothing store with thousands of designs and styles. Whether you want a dazzling abaya for a party or a simple abaya for home, Harae has everything you need.

On the occasion of the month of Ramadan, Haraer provides great offers on products, in order to achieve the opportunity to shop with a lower price than available during the year.

Ramadan Haraer offers 2023 include the following:

Dresses and Ramadan Abayas from Haraer

Traditional abayas with a modern twist are hard to come by in today’s fashion world. Therefore, Haraer seeks to make it easier for you by providing an attractive range of Abayas. Among this collection, you can buy abayas and abaya dresses whose price range starts from 80 SAR.

Teen Abayas

Let your girls wear an amazing collection of abayas according to their preferences. Choose from a vibrant and colorful selection of abayas for your stylish teens. This group also starts from 80 Saudi riyals.

Occasion Abayas

Of course, you need a collection of abayas suitable for special occasions. Shop brands such as Al-Nada and Lumia and choose an amazing fashion collection with distinctive colors, embroidery and sleeve design.


It completes the offering and adds a touch of elegance to the beauty of your look. Haraer offers a great range of offerings at the best prices. Buy black, white, indigo, green and more for occasions.


Haraer store offers an enchanting range of niqabs at reasonable prices as well. This niqab is very soft against your skin and easy to put on. A set of niqabs starts from 20 Saudi riyals.

Discover abayas within your budget

Abayas for 92 SAR: From them you can buy abayas in colors such as green, blue, black, gray and white, and they are available in the best materials and designs.

Abayas for 149 SAR: Choose your favorite abayas from this group, which are classified as high quality.

Abayas for 192 SAR: They are available in many colors and designs. Also, discover a wide range of abayas with creative sleeves at an affordable price.

Haraer Discount Coupon

In the Ramadan season 2023, the Saudi Promo Code website offers a Haraer discount coupon, which provides an additional discount on the price of the shopping transaction from the famous store, to enjoy a cost-effective and budget-friendly shopping experience.

Steps to use the Haraer discount coupon

  1. Open the Saudi Promo Code website from any Internet search engine.
  2. In the search box, find the Haraer store page on Saudi Promo Code.
  3. Haraer discount coupons will be displayed in front of you.
  4. Choose the code that best suits your shopping needs.
  5. Copy the code.
  6. Go to the official Haraer website.
  7. Do your shopping at Haraer and collect all your purchases in the shopping cart.
  8. Go to the payment page and make sure that the cart is empty before filling it with new purchases.
  9. Fill in your data and shipping information.
  10. Apply the Haraer discount code by pasting it in the payment page discount codes field.
  11. Congratulations! You benefited from a direct discount on the shopping transaction price.

We wish you wonderful shopping sprees from Harair in the Ramadan 2023 season!